Construct a food web containing up to 10 organismsThis is a featured page

Use the figure below as a guide to construct a food web containing the following 10 organisms:

1. aMarsh grasses photosynthesize
2. aAphids suck plant juices
3. aMigratory grasshoppers eat plant leaves
4. aEight-striped ladybugs eat aphids
5. aClubtail dragonflies eat flying insects (grasshoppers and ladybugs)
6. aBullfrogs eat dragonfly larvae, ladybugs and grasshoppers
7. aPacific shrews eat aphids, ladybugs and grasshoppers
8. aGarter snakes eat frogs and shrews
9. aGreen herons eat frogs, small snakes and dragonfly larvae
10. Cooper's hawks eat herons, snakes, shrews and frogs

Construct a food web containing up to 10 organisms - IB Biology Terms

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